It always makes our day when our clients tell us how much our treatments have helped their dog.  These are just a selection of the ones we’ve received.

Meet Drift, an 8 year old working Collie and a regular client at Moray Canine Massage. 

“Massage has helped reduce Drift’s stiffness in his back legs. Drift really enjoys his treatments; he is just totally relaxed afterwards.”
(Rhona, Owner)

Meet Toby, an 11 year old Viszla. 

“After three treatments, Toby’s top line was visibly less roached and his tail set was higher.  Toby and myself really enjoy his sessions and find Carley to be a very pleasant woman.”
(Nicola, Owner)

Meet Aria, a 6 year old Alaskan Malamute.

“Carley is friendly and enthusiastic.  During treatments, she is very in tune with Aria’s body language, knowing when to give her a break if needed, allowing treatment to be carried out on Aria’s terms. Aria loves her sessions.  She is very relaxed following them and more active on walks on the days after.”
(Alanna, Owner)

Meet Della-Bean, a 12 year old Jack Russell. Della has chronic disc disease and a low grade sub luxating patella.  Moray Canine Massage treats the compensatory issues that have developed as a result of Della’s orthopaedic conditions.

“Perfect handling of Della, very kind and understanding, punctual and communicated well about appointments. Della loves her visits from Carley, she is so relaxed during and especially after her treatment”
(Fiona, Owner)