Moray Canine Massage works alongside vets to provide a professional, caring and flexible service completely tailored to your dog’s needs, in the comfort of your own home.


Please allow up to 90 minutes for your dog’s initial consultation and first treatment. This will include a comprehensive consultation and assessment based on your vet’s diagnosis.

Subsequent treatments

Follow up appointments are usually booked between 7-10 days following the initial consultation. Older dogs may need slightly longer for their bodies to adjust and recover between appointments.
Please allow 60 minutes for follow up appointments.

Maintenance treatments

Depending on your dog’s condition, age and based on the length of observed benefits between treatments a maintenance schedule will be suggested.

Most dogs benefit from a monthly maintenance treatment; however we will discuss your dog’s individual needs during the appointment.
Please allow 60 minutes for a maintenance appointment.

Treatment Protocol

Once consent has been given, we will arrange a suitable date and time to come to your home to carry out an initial consultation and treatment.  We will send you an owner consent form, a short comfort scale questionnaire to complete about your dog, and some Pre & During Treatment advice.  Both of the owner consent form and comfort scale questionnaire need to be completed and returned prior to treatment.

Post Treatment Advice

After treatment a Post Treatment Home Advice sheet will be provided. After 3 treatments we will also write a report to your vet detailing what we have found, what treatment we used and what positive outcomes were achieved.

Pricing and Areas covered

  • Initial consultation and full assessment, 90minutes, £35
  • Follow up appointments, 60 minutes, £30
  • Discount given for Seniors (both senior dogs and senior owners)
  • Prices include locations within a 30-mile radius of Elgin.  We are happy to travel further afield for an additional mileage fee.  Please contact for details.
  • Evening and weekend appointments are available on request.

Please note, full payment is requested at the time of the consultation.  If you need to cancel an appointment, we politely request 24 hours notice where possible.

Most pet insurers will cover the cost of complementary therapy for your dog if they have been referred for treatment by a registered therapist or veterinary surgeon. If you wish to claim for your dog’s treatment, please discuss with your insurance company in advance of the appointment.